IPA Bier

India Pale Ale (IPA) is een bierstijl binnen de categorie Pale ale. Het wordt gebrouwen met veel hop en is daardoor (vaak) extra bitter. Het werd voor het eerst gebrouwen in Engeland in de 19e eeuw maar inmiddels wordt het overal ter wereld gemaakt in allerlei varianten (West Coast IPA, East Coast IPA, New England IPA, Double IPA, Dry Hopped, etc.)

Bogdike Aussie

Australian Pale Ale..

€ 3,35

Act of Bravery

UT: 4.28

New England Style White DIPA with Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and Citra..

€ 6,20

Necropolis 2077 A.D. (Ghost 1275)

UT: 4.24

This 2nd part in our apocalyptic vision of our shared future is here, and feeling epic! Like part on..

€ 10,45


UT: 4.15

Dipa Mosaic i Nelson Sauvin, et donarà tant ferro com en Popeye!!..

€ 7,10

Kapina Allianssi

UT: 4.07

An International collaboration with friends from Salama Brewing, Finland. This big, bold double ipa ..

€ 9,30


UT: 3.84

You know our hops don't lie. We went bougie with our faves for this DIPA. Bags of Talus and HBC 630 ..

€ 6,20


UT: 3.24


€ 3,95

Bald Eagle Tears

UT: 3.9

The proud American eagle cries over the loss of old school double IPA's, so we teamed up with Fifth ..

€ 5,95

Royal Jelly

UT: 4.14

Water, Grains (Extra Pale, Heidelberg, Flaked oats, Chit malt, Wheat malt), Honey, Maltodextrin, Hop..

€ 8,15

Maz Non-Alcoholic

UT: 3.39

Maz Non-Alcoholic takes off in our favorite Pale Ale, Maz Oat Pale but with only 0.3 % of the ABV. S..

€ 3,65


UT: 4.03

Since 24.02.2022 our brewery is occupied by bastards from russia. So now we are brewing beer at othe..

€ 6,50


UT: 3.6

Lumina is our shining light, a 4.2% Session IPA glowing with juicy tropical fruit notes. Hoppy aroma..

€ 3,35

Heart & Soul

UT: 3.62

THIS IS OUR BREWERY’S HEART & SOUL. Created from the heart and brewed with a double dose of devo..

€ 2,95

K-Pop Star

UT: 3.5

Gluten-free single hop DIPA with Columbus, the abv is a bit higher than POPSTAR and we're thrilled t..

€ 6,00

Learn the End

UT: 4.11

Double IPA with Citra, El Dorado & Talus Named after the band Gojira Diptych with Burn The Land..

€ 6,35

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