IPA / Pale Ale

India Pale Ale (IPA) is een bierstijl binnen de categorie Pale ale. Het wordt gebrouwen met veel hop en is daardoor (vaak) extra bitter. Het werd voor het eerst gebrouwen in Engeland in de 19e eeuw maar inmiddels wordt het overal ter wereld gemaakt in allerlei varianten (West Coast IPA, East Coast IPA, New England IPA, Double IPA, Dry Hopped, etc.)

Flake & Sauce // Ice Cream Pale Ale

UT: 3.52

It might be cold, it might be raining but the jingling call of the ice cream van just rolled round t..

€ 5,60

Floating Into Space

UT: 3.96

“Floating Into Space” New England DIPA 7.5% - We are ready for the weekend and it's time to drift aw..

€ 6,40


UT: 3.87


€ 6,50


UT: 4.05


€ 6,65

Fuut Fieuw

UT: 3.39

De Fuut Fieuw is een fruitige, dorstlessende Session Pale Ale. De blonde kleur, witte schuimkraag en..

€ 2,80

G. See Extreme

UT: 3.96


€ 5,95

G. See Party

UT: 4.01

Hops: Citra, Zappa, Cashmere. Yeast: Private blend..

€ 5,95


UT: 3.87

DDH IPA // Citra Incognito, Azacca CRYO, Motueka..

€ 5,10

Game Over

UT: 3.94

Citra, Simcoe, Idaho7 Cryo You still might not be ready for this. There’s no >. No >. No ma..

€ 7,55

Get Peep'd

UT: 4.09

Our Get Puft turned up to the max with an Easter twist! Get Peep'd is a dessert forward NE style TIP..

€ 9,00

Giant Guerrilla Celebration API Treatment

UT: 4.09

6 anni di Crak! Sei anni nei quali abbiamo avuto il privilegio di ricevere il vostro supporto rende..

€ 8,15

Glory (2021)

UT: 4.28

This Triple IPA is our annual salute to the glory of the hop, and this year’s version we’ve really s..

€ 8,40

Goddamn Electric DIPA

UT: 4.19

There is a part of me that's always sixteen. I've found the secret of eternal youth. Some get high..

€ 10,35

Grateful Jams

UT: 4.09

The “big brother” to our popular Tasty Jams, Grateful Jams is a NE style DIPA Double Dry Hopped exte..

€ 8,65

Great Square of Pegasus

UT: 4.02

Van Untappd:This DIPA is part 3 of the Winter Skies series, celebrating the aterisms of the winter s..

€ 9,15

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